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 A Day For Reading

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Joseph Eberbach


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PostSubject: A Day For Reading   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:19 am

Joseph stands between the long, tall, isles of the large library. Hes in the Earth Regions section, because hes always been interested in such things.. He didn't have much of a chance to explore around anywhere before he died.. And even then he was very poor, and the time he lived in it was almost impossible to get anywhere if it wasn't on foot! He clearly remembers the tiring hours he spent walking from town to town to pick up things for his mother and father.

He puts his hand on his chin and looks up at the titles of the books, reading them each and picking out which ones look interesting. He picks up a book on early Italy, a place he loves looking at pictures of.. Hes amazed by the big buildings and often wonders how long they took to make. He wonders how many people worked on them, and who had the idea to make it in the first place.. He dreams of being able to visit these places himself someday, though he doubts they're still around. And even so, hes died, and is pretty sure its not possible to go back to the world below if you're a demon.
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A Day For Reading
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