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-Maya Richmond


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PostSubject: Sidetracked   Sat Aug 11, 2012 12:43 pm

The school grounds were filled with a strange and foreboding silence since Maya started patrolling Sacris Animam. A silence Maya did not feel safe with at all, what could everyone be doing while she was on work hours? She shook her head, unable to remove the paranoia completely until she starts discovering people moving in between schedules, before eventually finding herself standing before the school gym.

She came across the gym on multiple occasions, hearing students and catching the scent of the sweat from their exercises. The sweat's more or less the reason why Maya had never really walked into the gym until now, primal stimulation could be a real pain for her psyche sometimes, and she had to make rounds around the outside of the gym until today.

Today there was no students in there, and it had seemed the gym was cleaned up a good bit because the stench of sweat wasn't as strong as it should have been. Maya decided to take advantage of this and do some early practice, heading to the indoor track since her running speed was not superb and running a few laps on it. Her mind began to wander while she was running, dwelling on things that have been bothering her for a long time and her situation now, almost losing track of the day and the people that could have seen her slacking on the job.
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