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 Settling down

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Marisha Dolce


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PostSubject: Settling down   Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:35 pm

After a few months of having to deal with that one hidden cove, Marisha decided she needed a break from the area and booked 4 days of rent into an apartment complex. It wasn't the first time she did it, and she certainly wasn't new to taking breaks. Using her sister's name and account, she managed to get herself a room and get away from the beach and times of having salt sand everywhere despite trying to keep it off of her. It was corroding her outside appliances as well, so she would have had to go to town anyway to buy new ones at one point.

Marisha sat on a chair outside, not really admiring the view since she's seen better living spaces in heaven. She was in a better mood, having napped for about 4 hours before going out to the balcony. Marisha was all right with watching people pass by in the small entrance garden for a while, but after seeing 3 or 4 demons walk out she decided to glide down and sit on a bench, patiently sizing up any more demonic passerby to her amusement, and shrugging them off when they question her staring.
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Settling down
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