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 A Fresh Start

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Chan-Juan Li, Sheng


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PostSubject: A Fresh Start   Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:29 am

Li had come to the teacher's lounge to start setting up for her classes, and decided to bring Sheng along if any of the teachers decided to come in for casual conversation. She read through various medical texts she brought and jotted down quick notes on what she deemed important to teach, along with more details the lesson plans given to her. She had a bright outlook of her teaching here, and continued to write plans with gusto.


Sheng had been given extra paper from his mother to draw on, and a set of colored pencils to play with. He knew she valued his skills in the arts, and started to make random lines on the paper until he caught a crematic chicken saltshaker across the room. It was bizarre enough to convince Sheng to start trying to draw it, not wanting to move it closer to him and get questioned by his mom of what he was doing.
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Phoenix Valentine


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PostSubject: Re: A Fresh Start   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:20 am

Phoenix needed to do some much needed planning and list making

she had to begine preparing to make a large amount of weapons, for both the teachers, and in her lessons.

the woman would have to sketch out designs and blueprints

Phoenix moved gracefully down the hall, ringing her bells to know where she was

ducking through the door that only really accomodated for people below 6'', she suddenly noticed there were two others in the room

her blind eyes scanned the room as she rung her bells to give her a image of her surroundings

a mother and child? their scents suggested so. the woman must also be a teacher to be there

she nodded her head in greeting

good day. are you a new teacher here? she asked, her soft voice melodic, but with a touch of a harsh edge from her demonic blood

she went over to a chair with unerring accuracy and sat down, pulling out some sheets of thick paper and a scorer

she ran her hand over the entierty of the paper, seeing the size and then began drawing with the scorer

there were no visible lines on the paper, but Phoenix seemed to easily know what she was doing and to know where all the lines were
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A Fresh Start
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